Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a weekend!

Thanks to Stephanie and Steven, Miss.Roxy was able to go to seaworld with her fav cousion Steven Richard! From the stories and non-stop talking since she's gotten home I am going to take it she had a blast! She got a cute dolphin necklace and they even got Chunker's a tshirt! HUGE Thank You to Stephanie and Steven for taking her!( i will post pics of Roxy at seaworld as soon as i can)

While Big Sister was away mommy and Bella desided to have some fun too! We helped my mom with some unpacking (Bella is a HUGE help if you ever need to to take stuff out and chew on things!) We went to lunch with my sister-n-law Sarah and did a little shopping! Then sunday we desided to spend some time with daddy and head to Kemah! We went to Landry's for lunch... it was sooooo good and Bella had a great time with her daddy!

waiting on her mac n cheese
drinking out of her BIG GIRL cup (i think she looks like a fish lol)
so much fun with daddy and mommy in kemah she fell right to sleep

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  1. Awww cute pictures!! We had such a great time and Miss Roxy was wonderful! So glad you had a nice time Kemah sounds wonderful!! Steven Richard really enjoyed his time with Roxy!! :)