Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cleaning up can be fun! WHAT?!?

 I have both girls at home since its summer we definitely have been playing more, cooking more, swimming more which all equals... CLEANING MORE! Everyday all toys seem to find there way out of the toy bins and on to the floor, stairs and some how even the bathroom. Cooking at home with a 6 yr old means that she wants to HELP with everything in the kitchen, i don't mind ( i got her the cutest zebra cooking apron from hobby lobby ill have to post pics with her) but, it can make more messes and even swimming seems to bring more laundry and cleaning up the 5 million swim toys we always seem to have to tote to the pool. BUT and this is a HUGE BUT (no wise cracks on my booty)  Roxy and Bella thinking cleaning is fun! I turn on the radio or put on a cd set the timer to 30 mins and see how much we can accomplish in between dance moves and it actually gets the job done. I am not saying the 30 mins to spend details the house and the floors shine to make Mr.clean happy but, we get toys picked up dishes in the dish washer some vacuuming done and we have fun doing it!
Roxy using the vacuum as a microphone

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