Friday, February 18, 2011

The Sexy Silver Shoes

Every woman should have a pair of sexy shoes... that pair(s) of shoes that just make you feel unbelievable.

My pair are my sexy silver peep toes... Oh I love them so!

  • For starters they make me taller and at 5'4" I need all the help I can get
  • They sparkle and are glittery they make me feel like a princess and a sexy one at that lol
  • These shoes make me feel like Jen, silly as it sounds it's important to feel like yourself. I always get stuck as Roxy's mommy or Bella's mommy. It's amazing to feel like Jen sometimes too!
  • These shoes look just as good with jeans as they do my lil' black dress I wore them out with.
  • I would wear these shoes a mile up hill, just to show them off
So tell me what are your sexy shoes, clothes and/or accessories that make you feel like YOU not some one's mommy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sick Happens...

I had such big plans for valentines day with my girls and needless to say it didn't happen. I had to take Roxy the emergency room for 103 fever that would not go down. So instead of seeing Gnomeo and Juliet we got to see a hospital bed and a doctor. But, even sick my girl is still stunning.

She did cheer up when she got her valentines gift. A purse with monkeys on it... very fitting for my fashion diva.

Since Roxy was sick I didn't get to make it to party city for the balloons to fill Bella's Room ( going to do that on her birthday now) but, she did get a lady bug pillow pet and LOVES it! 

Now Roxy's feeling better guess who woke up sick this morning...

Me and Grady had valentines early and here is a picture of me from that night... It had been forever since I put a dress on, I even wore my gorgeous silver peep toe high heels but, those deserve a post all on there own!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

i'll tell you if you promise not to tell....

Well i think my secret is safe with yall. I can't hold it in any longer I have to tell someone!!! I love surprises oh i love them soooo! But, for the life oh me when I plan something big I cant seem to keep my mouth shut!

I normally am not huge on valentines day seems just like a over rated Holiday. Someone shouldn't have a day set aside to tell people how much you care and love them. But, not this year cupid just have hit me hard (heheh) Cause, this year I am going all out of my lovies!!

Roxy and I are going out on a date. Just me and my fashion pal going to dinner and a movie. Gnomeo and Juliet... I CAN'T wait!!! I actually really wanna see this movie and most of all I wanna spend some time with my Roxy!

On Monday morning and I am going to fill Bella's room with balloons (shes in a balloon faze and LOVES balloons) I also got her a lady bug pillow pet.

Now, on to Bella's Daddy... we got him something super special. I made a hardbound photo album for him of Bella's pictures... starting with ultrasound pictures all the way to pictures of her last weekend.  Hope he loves it as much as I loved making it.

I will defiantly be updating with some pics come Tuesday! Have a great weekend!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Fashionista

Roxy is my girly-girly and hence why she's going to have a fashion party for her birthday in May. Which is going to include a cat walk so she and her friends can show off the rhinestone shirts there going to make. I bought black canvas bags at hobby lobby (I LOVE YOU HOBBY LOBBY AND YOUR 50% OFF) and fill them with goodies like you would get at new york fashion week (there's will include bead necklace making kits, blinged out rhinestone flip-flops, bath wash and girly pink bath puff, lip gloss, nail polish and ring pops!) I got some hounds tooth print iron-ons and am going to put each girls initial on the front and a pink bow on the side. I am really excited for her cause this is something she loves! She got a kids sewing machine for Christmas and has been sketching her own fashion ideas!

                                               Roxy and her glamorous cheetah print nails!

Friday, February 4, 2011

the non-blizzard of 2011!

If I hear "Mommy they lied and siad it was going to snow" one more time, I sending Roxy to the weather man so he can dela with her!

Everything is closed cause we had a ICE STORM! But, no fear texas weather never fails to be ever changing and supposed to be a high of 55 tomorrow!

So now were are all stuck at home wearing cozy jammies, watching movies, playing inside and eating snacks... so all in all who can really complain! :)

But, tomorrow my mom is watching the girls so I can go out so fingers crossed this ice melts as planned cause my bunko plans were already messed up from  this ice!!