Monday, August 23, 2010

My name is Jen and I am a... OVER PLANNER

Its so sad and so true! I over plan everything! I didn't realize until Sunday how bad my obsession is! Grady and I were eating at Star Pizza (if you have never been you NEED to go!! It's incredible they even have whole wheat crust) and I was talking to him about Bella's 2nd birthday and what theme we should go with and he looked up and me and said you realize it is only August right and her birthday is in March.... well of course I realize that! Well maybe i realize that ummm no i guess i don't realize that cause I love to plan! And it's not just birthday party's its everything. Christmas, birthday gifts, redecorating, grocery list, even packing. If we go on vacation I will plan weeks in advance write down everything i need to take even what colors bras etc to bring I told you it's an obsession. But, by far the worest is the girls birthday party's I have a binder with divders in it....

1. birthday theme - this is the 1st step process where i go online or kids magazines and look at the different themes, i try to not get pre-done themes i like to make things by own so there will be print out of things i think are cute example: bella had a zebra themed 1st birthday i went to hobby lobby and saw zebra tissue paper and it went from there!
2. THE THEME DECOR- this a a huge one in the binder this is where i pick colors and I find things on websites for decor where i even will map out rooms in the house or backyard to place things
3. Invites and Guest List- where have invite ideas and the guest list of people attending with there addresses and rsvp check list
4. CAKE- the most important part of the birthday party where i will find cake ideas online and do my own drawings for cakes.
5. FOOD- the divider section where i list food ideas and where i put the grocery list
6. Party Favors- I told you this obsession was sick i even have a sections for kids favors and i normaly try to even have adult favors as well
7. Gifts- What's a party without gifts where i write down gifts and figure out what kind of gifts bags and wrapping paper i use.
8. Outfit- Yes i even plan what they have to wear and i wont lie i plan out what i am going to wear
If your nice i might upload a pic or two of this binder :)

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