Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bella's daddy is a winner... well his band is they won best metal by houston press

Well Bella's daddy's band won the Houston press best metal band last week! So I decided that i should honor him and make Bella a cute shirt! So I did! And i must happen to say I think its pretty darn cute! We going to take Bella to totspot at the Children's museum on Sunday and I am going to let her rock that shirt! I probably don't tell him much (between me and you I give him hell for being in the bands he is in) but, he is pretty good and he deserves to win she has a pretty amazing daddy who one day will teach her to rock out on her own guitar... like father like daughter! Here is a clip of the song you made for her and its called what else "Bella"!! So drink and beer and kick back and rock out to some good death metal today cause I am making it a national holiday of "Bella's Daddy Rocks Day"

Bella by Grady*Link to Miss.Bella's Song!