Thursday, August 19, 2010

Give me a R-O-X-Y.... what does that spell...ROXY!

Well after a lot of thought and talking with Roxy we decided to drop ballet and tap and enter the world of competitive cheer leading! Roxy loves dance and tumbling and we decided with a a lot of thought that we would put both of them together. I have been looking around for a good cheer leading center in our area and to my surprise there are so many to pick from. I am going to go check them out and see which one is best for her and our family. I am really hoping she likes this!

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  1. !! That sounds super fun!!! Go ROXY!!! I was at Marshalls yesterday, I went to Michaels store and saw the CUTEST Roxy blue and green comforter set and it had Roxy in cursive on the pillows!!!!! SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! I know you got the other stuff but if you guys get a chance check it out! Tax Free weekend too!