Friday, July 30, 2010

The Circus

Me and Grady (Bella's Daddy) took the girls to the circus two weekends ago. I was so excited it's all I could think about... THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH. Boy, was i wrong. It started off pretty good we went and show the animals before the show and they had a section wear you could try on the circus clothes and see the preformers before the show. We found our seats and sat down still going pretty good. We got two snowcones that cost $18 and tasted yucky (how in the heck can you make a snow cone bad... well they managed) and a $9 lemonaid... still going ok Bella was happily eating on two snow cones drinking lemonaid and all smiles, Roxy patienly waiting for the show to start. Then it happens the lights go dim and my baby whos normally the best baby ever turns into a demon child she was going nuts kicking screaming just not being her... after about 25 minutes and a crazy baby going nuts we desided to leave. Broke poor roxys heart, i felt so bad but Bella just wasnt wanting to have any of the Circus. Lesson learned some 1 year olds might love the circus mine DOESNT at all!! And i wont take Bella back til she is 5 or 6. Roxy loved in but with the tickets costing 32 and up and the prices for food, drinks, light up toys, snowcones etc. I rather spend it on a child who can enjoy and remember it. Oh ya just so you dont have a heart attack like i did $12 cotton candy... ya over priced if you ask me way way way over priced!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who's Lamar... Bella's lemur of course

Bellaroo's daddy desided to buy her a lemur with a purple striped tail that goes wooo hooo when you squeeze it... Bella loves lamar and drags him by his tail every where she goes and randomly stops to hug the bejezzus out of him to make him go wooo hoooo...oh and just in case you werent aware lemurs dont have purple tails and go woooo hooooo her's does cause its a stuffed aniaml so no actualy lemurs where harmed for Bella's joy. I am pretty sure the lemur will be going with her to college her suitcase in one hand lamar the lemurs tail in the other.

here's a video of bella and lamar the lemur we took for her daddy

The B's, Back Pain, Bella,Roxy B and a Blow out!

since i have been busy as a bee trying to get as much done as i can this week, it figures that since i have a million and one things to do my back would lut me in my place and cause serious pain! I mean serious pain, i think this is right up there with labor pains! I move a certain way and I get sharp shooting my pains the run up my left side, and with Bella who has to be carried up the stairs still it's not helping the situation one bite (and considering she weighs almost 40 lbs that doesnt help at all) So if it keeps up thru the night I think unpacking will be on hold and a trip to the doctor will be in store!

Bella is learning to crawl up the stairs she laughs and thinks it's the best thing ever! Me, on the other hand thinks its going to give me a heart attack! Scares the daylights out of me... every tiem she goes near them I think of the million things that could go wrong! Any one have any tips/ideas etc. for how they deal/dealt with a toddler with stairs. Every since she started walking she has been my lil dare devil and she's not even two yet... please help me! :)

Roxy is going to her last day of day care tomorrow. She has made some amazing friends and she has a lil boyfriend -even though she wont admit it to anyone else-(his name starts with an R and they are so cute)So I made her an email address and shes going to pass out lil treats with a note with her email address so all her friends can keep in touch! I am sooooo proud of her!

I have needed tires for about a week one thing or another came up and it got put on the back burner. Today I knew I had to get it done. As soon as I am entering the dealership to get new tires it happens... A BLOWOUT sounds like a gun shot and my car just starts shaking! Lesson learned don't put off important things and thank goodness me and Bella were safe!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bella and her ICEE

this past weekend my mom, roxy, bella and I went to target. We got icee's and Bella took over and drank more icee then the rest of us! She loves ICEE'S! The cup is almost as large as she is but, I learned one thing this weekend her and the icee may almost be the same size but you dont ever and i mean ever mess with Bella and her ICEE!

Starting over agian...

I am starting over agian. Well actually I am starting over in many things! I am starting over in blogging. I have tried in the past and for one reason or the other stopped and this time I am going to really keep up with it! I am starting over at school after 7 years I am going back to college. I am starting over with life in a sense focusing on me and my two gorgous girls! Normally I hate change but this time everything feels so right and I couldn't be happier!

On to other news we just moved and I have been busier then ever trying to get the girls room together. Roxy is having a paris chic room (think black, white, hot pink and PARIS.) Bella has a hummingbird/floral room (hummingbirds mixed with floral patterns and aqua,pinks,yellow,and lime) As soon as I have there rooms completed the way I want I will upload pics!

I have also desided to challange myself, I made a menu for a whole month of home cooking. I am going to try for a whole month (monday-friday) making dinner at home and no eating out. I am determined to complete my goal. Also i added working out 3 nights a week to my list. I have so much I want to complete before school starts for both me and Roxy. She requested that I make her lunch everyday and I desided I am going to write her little notes in her lunch everyday just so she knows how much I love her!