Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bella Basket Boutique Give away!

As everyone knows I have started going back to school for event planning/floral design and business. I LOVE birthdays, gifts and making people happy. My favorite thing to do for birthday parties and special gifts is make gift baskets. So I decided I am going to try a new side business venture and see how it works. I am pleased to announce the opening of Bella Basket Boutique!

 (Roxy helped picked the name out she she put her hands on her hips and told me Roxy is a huge surfing business I shouldn't complicate people and just make it Bella's name... my daughter is amazing!)

I am having a giveaway on my Bella Basket Boutique page. I just did a princess themed basket for my friend's daughters birthday party and I will be giving a away a free Princess/dress up girls themed basket to one lucky winner. You can get up to three entries for a chance to win. One entry each for leaving a comment, adding me as a follower and/or posting my give away on your page! Good Luck give away ends Sunday October 17 at midnight.

 Each Month there will be a give a way. November: Boys car/truck basket. December: Christmas Goodies Basket (candies, cookies, hot coco etc.) So check back often for updated basket designs, give aways and more!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

tears, birthdays and ghost oh my!

I started school this week and it has def. been a little bit harder then I thought. Not, the school part that has been going great the whole, Bella going to daycare. Seems like this year things are changing all the time. But, in a good way!
1st day of day care Bella and I cried together as i left, 2nd day Bella looks a little sad but, no tears just mommy, today it was all me! I think she likes it each time I have picked her up she is playing and seems to be all smiles (fingers crossed)

Roxy is doing great and doesn't mind the change of not having me pick her up and going to day care after school.

Floral/event planning school is going great as well. I am busy in a good kind of way. But, come 9 pm I am tired and worn out and all I want is sleep.

This past weekend we started decorating for Halloween... Bella is not as thrilled as Roxy on the other hand. She wants nothing to do with ghost and scary things... I think when she realizes there is candy involved she will come around :)

And today is Grady's Birthday... Bella's daddy is 32 today! Happy Birthday! Only 11 more days til mine :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

don't look over here just a crazy mommy crying...

Bella starts day care monday... All night I couldn't sleep. All I could think about this is my last day as a stay at home mommy with her! I know going back to school is great not only for me but, for my kids as well. I know having a job that will make me happy will benifit not only me but them as well. I know having a job will benifit them as well. But, someone please tell my heart that cause it's breaking in two! Luckly her day care as camera's and I can go online and see how my lil munkey is doing. Roxy will be going there after school and I will be able  to go check on her as well! My heart feels like I am being a bad mom but, my minds tell me I am nuts! I feel torn! Either way I will have a box of tissues ready monday cause I know I will need them!