Friday, October 1, 2010

don't look over here just a crazy mommy crying...

Bella starts day care monday... All night I couldn't sleep. All I could think about this is my last day as a stay at home mommy with her! I know going back to school is great not only for me but, for my kids as well. I know having a job that will make me happy will benifit not only me but them as well. I know having a job will benifit them as well. But, someone please tell my heart that cause it's breaking in two! Luckly her day care as camera's and I can go online and see how my lil munkey is doing. Roxy will be going there after school and I will be able  to go check on her as well! My heart feels like I am being a bad mom but, my minds tell me I am nuts! I feel torn! Either way I will have a box of tissues ready monday cause I know I will need them!

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