Tuesday, August 31, 2010

it might be a copycat but its delish!

I love going to La Madeleine. There strawberries romanoff are to die for fresh strawberries with a creamy sauce. Well I decided to try my hand at trying to make my own version at home. And I have to say it came out perfect! Now I can have my favorite simple dessert anytime i want. So here is my copycat recipe

16 oz. of sour cream
2 tablespoons brown sugar (light or dark will both work i tried both so use whatever is on hand)
1 or 2 cap fulls of liquor (brandy is what la Madeleine uses but i tried both vodka, brandy and Kahlua and they all taste great, if its just for all adults you can use more to liquor to taste)

and add it all together and mix in a bowl chill for an hour or two and serve over strawberries
the other night i did mixed berries and it was amazing!!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

life can be fun even with underwear on your head....

I think this picture says it all...

I decided since I started blogging that I need to step out side of my social norm....Most people don't know this about me but I am shy and very social awkward. I get anxiety going to places I have never been. I get nervous when I have be around people I don't know. My stomach starts to hurt my body starts to shake i get sweaty which makes me freak out more cause I hate being sweaty. So then I start panicking about the fact I have to meet new people and be sweaty. It really tears me into pieces and because of that I have missed out on things. 

Since having kids it has forced me to step out of my comfort zone and do things that I wouldn't necessarily like to. Kids birthday parties are the worst when you don't know any parents and it was very hard for me to get comfortable with this. I had to break out of the box and do it for my kids cause they deserved to have some fun.

Even in the blogging world i get nervous to comment what if they hate my opinion or what if they think my comment is dumb, I over think everything and take things way to personal. Theres a fellow blogger I have been following for years I would blog then stop blog then stop but would always follow her blogs. The other day I got a pretty nasty comment that tore me into pieces I started crying like a 2 yr old who just dropped there ice cream cone and went on her blog and noticed she has a comment policy and even her blog would get nasty comments... Made me realize that even her blog that i find so amazing gets not so nice comments and I got myself together wiped my tears and realized this is MY blog and I am in control. I do have a delete button and I do have the right to write about whatever I choose. People might not like me and people might not care about what I have to say but, that's ok cause mommyof2lilmunkeys is mine!!

With that being said i have a new goal for myself: I will try daily to try to do something that I would normally never do because of social anxiety. I don't have to be scared cause just like in blogging everyone might not like me but it doesn't matter I wont miss out on life because of other people! So I challenge you do something you normally wouldn't do push your self just a little and see what could happen!

Friday, August 27, 2010

This post got me thirsty...

I was at Kroger's today and i love trying new drinks they have! I am a drinker hehe ....

I am talking non-alcoholic drinks. Hey don't get me wrong I have my favorite adult drinks too but, to start off we will go down the list of my all time favorite drinks. Some are still around some were fads and far gone but I love them and that's all that counts!

My new fav, i found it at Kroger and I love it! It's called mash and at 40 calories a serving its delish! Its real fruit with sparkling water and I love the mango-blood orange flavor!

*cranberry -i love it! i know its a hit and miss for some its one of those drinks you either love or hate but for me its a love
*apple- my kids like it and i don't mind sitting back with an apple juice box and animal crackers any day with them!
*orange- has to be non pulp just has it be!
*lemonade- i don't know if that even is a juice drink but hey it's my post and i will make it be, when i was pregnant with both girls i couldn't get enough lemonade it was like a drug morning noon and night i needed that sweet sour fix!

*coke I love coke rather it be cherry or regular I'm a coke girl bottom line

Fad drinks *if you have seen these people let me know where i can find them... I NEED THEM :)

i loved those weird gel beads...Orbitz where are you!
*orbitz- had weird gel things floating around but i loved it and i miss it!

*fruitopia- i used to love these they were amazingly refresh and fruity

UPDATE: I did find these on sale online but at $3+ a bottle plus shipping seems a lil excessive for some flavored water...
*clearly Canadian water- oh i used to drink these like they were going out of style i loved the raspberries n cream!
me and my jolt with out any makeup on but, i don't care i love my jolt :)

****jolt soda**** i hadn't seen one in years half soda all energy and then i was in Kroger yesterday and there she was in the refrigerated section scaring me in the eye... i started yelling Roxy omg omg they have jolt they have jolt soda, she looked away and said really mom what's your deal.

iced tea
red bull
and there are more but those are my fav's and my favorite adult drink is cherry vodka sour and 7up and crown with a squirt of lemon

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sleepover Memories...

After I pick Roxy up from school I always ask her how was her day, did she eat all her lunch, what kind of work did she do, did she meet any new friends etc. She always answers back and tells me what she did etc.  And today starting talking about her new friends and what they are like and asks me about having a sleep over.

I told her i would think about it since we just moved a month ago where still in the unpacking process so there's still a lot going on at home but, between me and you I was screaming inside "of course a sleep over is great how much fun it can be"

I asked her what she would want to eat and do and of course candy, pizza, and cookies came out and then of course to watch icarley,Hannah,big time rush etc.

It got me thinking about sleepovers when i was younger and what we did and I thought I would share some of my sleepover moments and I think i am old enough to not get in trouble for whatever i did back then :)

 When I was probley 11 or 12 I had a sleepover and thought it would be an amazing idea to eat a whole bag of pop rocks and down a soda on a dare ( if anyone knows the whole story "MYTH" about Mikey from the life cereal box dying from doing that it was a big time dare) So i open my pop rocks and down my soda and no i didn't die. BUT, it drank so much soda so fast pop rocks and soda shot out of my nose all over are sofa. So if your ever dared to do this no you won't die but, your nose might tingle for a while.

 Then at another sleep over when i was in 8th grade or so me and a group of my friends decided to play light as a feather stiff as a board.
if you don't know the game one person lays down and everyone gathers around them and places on finger underneath and tries to pick them up while saying "light as a feather stiff as a board"
During this time the movie the craft was a HUGE deal and were swore that we picked our friend up. The whole night we were way to scared to sleep cause we were sure there was a ghost with us.

When I was in junior high I thought I was so cool so my and my "BFF" thought that it would be great to prank call people so we spent the whole night calling and asking people if there fridge was running and when they would answer "yes" we should scream why don't you go catch it... wow we weren't cool at all we were so dumb lol!

And everyone has there own TP/wrapping a house with toilet paper story! I was in 8th grade and me and my friends thought it was the best idea ever after it rained to go TP our friends house so we grabbed the TP and dressed all in black and went out at midnight. We got there and TPed the house and everything was going great til a dog came by and starting barking and we all got scared and ran off i was running in the grass and slipped and hit my head on the stop sign: if any lesson was learned from this it probably was never TP a house after it rains and make sure you have dog food with you cause I can honestly say I have more TP adventures and i didn't learn my lesson i have more TP'ING stories but I will share those another day lol

Now that I think of all the things I did maybe I can wait til sleepovers begin j.k. I am cool mom :) and I want roxy to have fun so bring on the nail polish, makeup, tv shows, dress up and junk food cause my lil girl isn't a baby anymore and she deserves the fun just as much as i did!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

its going to be a mouth full

lets see where to begin oh ya the person that's posting rude nasty comments on my blog, i asked you kindly to please stop now I am just going to say it STOP! Whomever you are is posting comments anonymously so you have something to say about me or my blog say it to me! I am not needing drama your thoughts and opinions are yours and mine are mine and every negative rude nasty comment you post will be deleted. So with that said here is a picture of Miss.Bella and I hope everyone has a great "hump" day!
she's a wanted baby for being so cute :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

My name is Jen and I am a... OVER PLANNER

Its so sad and so true! I over plan everything! I didn't realize until Sunday how bad my obsession is! Grady and I were eating at Star Pizza (if you have never been you NEED to go!! It's incredible they even have whole wheat crust) and I was talking to him about Bella's 2nd birthday and what theme we should go with and he looked up and me and said you realize it is only August right and her birthday is in March.... well of course I realize that! Well maybe i realize that ummm no i guess i don't realize that cause I love to plan! And it's not just birthday party's its everything. Christmas, birthday gifts, redecorating, grocery list, even packing. If we go on vacation I will plan weeks in advance write down everything i need to take even what colors bras etc to bring I told you it's an obsession. But, by far the worest is the girls birthday party's I have a binder with divders in it....

1. birthday theme - this is the 1st step process where i go online or kids magazines and look at the different themes, i try to not get pre-done themes i like to make things by own so there will be print out of things i think are cute example: bella had a zebra themed 1st birthday i went to hobby lobby and saw zebra tissue paper and it went from there!
2. THE THEME DECOR- this a a huge one in the binder this is where i pick colors and I find things on websites for decor where i even will map out rooms in the house or backyard to place things
3. Invites and Guest List- where have invite ideas and the guest list of people attending with there addresses and rsvp check list
4. CAKE- the most important part of the birthday party where i will find cake ideas online and do my own drawings for cakes.
5. FOOD- the divider section where i list food ideas and where i put the grocery list
6. Party Favors- I told you this obsession was sick i even have a sections for kids favors and i normaly try to even have adult favors as well
7. Gifts- What's a party without gifts where i write down gifts and figure out what kind of gifts bags and wrapping paper i use.
8. Outfit- Yes i even plan what they have to wear and i wont lie i plan out what i am going to wear
If your nice i might upload a pic or two of this binder :)

Yes... it's one of those serious type of posts

i have no idea why i cant turn this picture so just turn your head...

Being a mother is an amazing thing. My two girls are my world. We have had ups and downs like any other family but bottom line I try to do what's best for Roxy and Bella. I will admit to anyone that my parenting might but be perfect but, let's face it who's is. Mistakes happen everyone makes them. Some big some small but mistakes happen everyday. Today was Roxy's 1st day of school. She had a million emotions going through her: she was happy,scared, sad, excited, shy (between me and you she was yelling on the inside) worried, and nervous all at the same time. I walked her into her classroom and she had one tear run down the side of her cheek. It took everything I had in me not to cry myself. I told her I loved her and not to cry and I would be there to pick her up when school gets out. As I walked to my car I realized I don't think I am as bad as a parent as I think. My daughter cried cause she does love me she will miss me but, she does know I will be back. She will meet friends and things will get easier but, I will always remember today and that look she gave me. This being kind of personal I will share some things about my life as a mother. Roxy and Bella have two different dads. Roxy's dad was apart of her life til she was 3 and then decided that wasn't what he wanted. As a mother I try to balance things. Bella's dad is in her life and sees her 2 to 4 times a week depending whats going on. I deal daily with trying to make Roxy feel included and Bella feeling like her daddy is her daddy. Its a hard struggle and balance. I bitch at times about how I wish this was this way or that was this way but in the end it is what it is. Being a co-parent is hard when one parent isn't there everyday... everyday to hear the screams but also to see the funny things as well, its hard bottom line being a parent is hard, nothing is ever perfect...The mom that has to work that wants to be home,the one that is trying to better themselves, or the parent who's out of work that needs to go to work,or the parent that is doing it all alone, the parent that has the happy home from the outside but inside is screaming to want out etc. Everyone has a tag or a label or something they wish they could change, maybe forever or maybe just at the moment.  I am a mother and I am there for my girls. People seem to think that its not normal to complain it is and it is hard but, it is what it is and it's not going to change. With that said my blog is about my life and my feelings and It's my life and my kids. I AM NOT PERFECT BUT I AM THERE MOM AND I WILL DO THINGS MY WAY... it may not be perfect but, I have two pretty amazing kids and they couldn't have gotten that way all on there own.

Side note: I love comments, i mean love them they make my day! They make me wanna do cartwheels and scream WOOOOOOO!!! But, comments that are going to be super personal or not kind I don't need so please when you comment remember it's not just me reading them! Thanks!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bella's daddy is a winner... well his band is they won best metal by houston press

Well Bella's daddy's band won the Houston press best metal band last week! So I decided that i should honor him and make Bella a cute shirt! So I did! And i must happen to say I think its pretty darn cute! We going to take Bella to totspot at the Children's museum on Sunday and I am going to let her rock that shirt! I probably don't tell him much (between me and you I give him hell for being in the bands he is in) but, he is pretty good and he deserves to win she has a pretty amazing daddy who one day will teach her to rock out on her own guitar... like father like daughter! Here is a clip of the song you made for her and its called what else "Bella"!! So drink and beer and kick back and rock out to some good death metal today cause I am making it a national holiday of "Bella's Daddy Rocks Day"

Bella by Grady*Link to Miss.Bella's Song!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Meet my new love... PINKY

I have a new love! Meet my new coach purse PINKY she's such a doll!

If you have never been to the 290 outlet you should def. take a trip and check it out she was a steal. A HUGE special thank you to the amazing person who brought PINKY in my life. I luv ya!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Give me a R-O-X-Y.... what does that spell...ROXY!

Well after a lot of thought and talking with Roxy we decided to drop ballet and tap and enter the world of competitive cheer leading! Roxy loves dance and tumbling and we decided with a a lot of thought that we would put both of them together. I have been looking around for a good cheer leading center in our area and to my surprise there are so many to pick from. I am going to go check them out and see which one is best for her and our family. I am really hoping she likes this!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cooking with MoMmY!

A couple of post ago i mentioned that i bought Roxy the cutest zebra apron ever!

Well tonight my fav lil cooking buddy put it on and helped with dinner.

We made homemade angel hair pasta with a lemon wine butter saue and veal.

Salad with feta cheese, stawberries, greek olives, and red onion.

it was great and amazing thanks to miss.roxy!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cleaning up can be fun! WHAT?!?

 I have both girls at home since its summer we definitely have been playing more, cooking more, swimming more which all equals... CLEANING MORE! Everyday all toys seem to find there way out of the toy bins and on to the floor, stairs and some how even the bathroom. Cooking at home with a 6 yr old means that she wants to HELP with everything in the kitchen, i don't mind ( i got her the cutest zebra cooking apron from hobby lobby ill have to post pics with her) but, it can make more messes and even swimming seems to bring more laundry and cleaning up the 5 million swim toys we always seem to have to tote to the pool. BUT and this is a HUGE BUT (no wise cracks on my booty)  Roxy and Bella thinking cleaning is fun! I turn on the radio or put on a cd set the timer to 30 mins and see how much we can accomplish in between dance moves and it actually gets the job done. I am not saying the 30 mins to spend details the house and the floors shine to make Mr.clean happy but, we get toys picked up dishes in the dish washer some vacuuming done and we have fun doing it!
Roxy using the vacuum as a microphone

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a weekend!

Thanks to Stephanie and Steven, Miss.Roxy was able to go to seaworld with her fav cousion Steven Richard! From the stories and non-stop talking since she's gotten home I am going to take it she had a blast! She got a cute dolphin necklace and they even got Chunker's a tshirt! HUGE Thank You to Stephanie and Steven for taking her!( i will post pics of Roxy at seaworld as soon as i can)

While Big Sister was away mommy and Bella desided to have some fun too! We helped my mom with some unpacking (Bella is a HUGE help if you ever need to to take stuff out and chew on things!) We went to lunch with my sister-n-law Sarah and did a little shopping! Then sunday we desided to spend some time with daddy and head to Kemah! We went to Landry's for lunch... it was sooooo good and Bella had a great time with her daddy!

waiting on her mac n cheese
drinking out of her BIG GIRL cup (i think she looks like a fish lol)
so much fun with daddy and mommy in kemah she fell right to sleep

Friday, August 6, 2010

Birthday, decorating, school... the list goes on and on

This week has been busy ever busy! Between trying to take the munkey mermaids swimming everyday I have been in full gear trying to complete Roxy and Bella's bedrooms which i am still working on its harder then it seems to decorate two rooms with two kids who want to follow you around. Tuesday was my Aunt Carolyn's Birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wen. the WHOLE family went to eat dinner at the german resturant off westhimer and it was fun. And thursday I had TONS of errands to run and it seemed to be one thing of bad news after another! Roxy got registered for school today and some how between now and when school starts we need to go shopping for clothes and school supplies! Hopefully I can finish up things and take the munkey mermaids swimming and have a lil friday fun! Roxy is going to Seaworld tomorrow with her favorite cousin! Another eventful weekend ahead! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My 2 Lil Munkeys have turned into Mermaids

Roxy and Bella LOVE the pool! Roxy is starting to swim better and better every time and is really good at holding her breath...really good! Miss.Bella is an amazing splasher she can splash for hours in her lil float just kicking back relaxing! Here are some pics of my lil munkey mermaids last week!

Roxy Holding her Breath

Roxy Posing

Bella about to get her splash on


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bella and Daddy

A little girl needs Daddy
For many, many things:
Like holding her high off the ground
Where the sunlight sings!
Like being the deep music
That tells her all is right
When she awakens frantic with
The terrors of the night.

Like being the great mountain
That rises in her heart
And shows her how she might get home
When all else falls apart.

Like giving her the love
There is her sea and air,
So diving deep or soaring high
She'll always find him there.

My Blog is...UGLY

My blog is ugly and just all over the place. I like pretty things and my blog is not pretty! I need to revamp it... anyone have any ideas on a theme/idea let me know I am open to any ideas!

I am loving plaid this season... I cant seen to get enough of it for the girls clothes. Roxy and Bella both have plaid shorts, dresses, PJS! I even got a pair of plaid capris for me... My name is Jen and I am a plaid addict :)