Friday, August 27, 2010

This post got me thirsty...

I was at Kroger's today and i love trying new drinks they have! I am a drinker hehe ....

I am talking non-alcoholic drinks. Hey don't get me wrong I have my favorite adult drinks too but, to start off we will go down the list of my all time favorite drinks. Some are still around some were fads and far gone but I love them and that's all that counts!

My new fav, i found it at Kroger and I love it! It's called mash and at 40 calories a serving its delish! Its real fruit with sparkling water and I love the mango-blood orange flavor!

*cranberry -i love it! i know its a hit and miss for some its one of those drinks you either love or hate but for me its a love
*apple- my kids like it and i don't mind sitting back with an apple juice box and animal crackers any day with them!
*orange- has to be non pulp just has it be!
*lemonade- i don't know if that even is a juice drink but hey it's my post and i will make it be, when i was pregnant with both girls i couldn't get enough lemonade it was like a drug morning noon and night i needed that sweet sour fix!

*coke I love coke rather it be cherry or regular I'm a coke girl bottom line

Fad drinks *if you have seen these people let me know where i can find them... I NEED THEM :)

i loved those weird gel beads...Orbitz where are you!
*orbitz- had weird gel things floating around but i loved it and i miss it!

*fruitopia- i used to love these they were amazingly refresh and fruity

UPDATE: I did find these on sale online but at $3+ a bottle plus shipping seems a lil excessive for some flavored water...
*clearly Canadian water- oh i used to drink these like they were going out of style i loved the raspberries n cream!
me and my jolt with out any makeup on but, i don't care i love my jolt :)

****jolt soda**** i hadn't seen one in years half soda all energy and then i was in Kroger yesterday and there she was in the refrigerated section scaring me in the eye... i started yelling Roxy omg omg they have jolt they have jolt soda, she looked away and said really mom what's your deal.

iced tea
red bull
and there are more but those are my fav's and my favorite adult drink is cherry vodka sour and 7up and crown with a squirt of lemon

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