Sunday, August 29, 2010

life can be fun even with underwear on your head....

I think this picture says it all...

I decided since I started blogging that I need to step out side of my social norm....Most people don't know this about me but I am shy and very social awkward. I get anxiety going to places I have never been. I get nervous when I have be around people I don't know. My stomach starts to hurt my body starts to shake i get sweaty which makes me freak out more cause I hate being sweaty. So then I start panicking about the fact I have to meet new people and be sweaty. It really tears me into pieces and because of that I have missed out on things. 

Since having kids it has forced me to step out of my comfort zone and do things that I wouldn't necessarily like to. Kids birthday parties are the worst when you don't know any parents and it was very hard for me to get comfortable with this. I had to break out of the box and do it for my kids cause they deserved to have some fun.

Even in the blogging world i get nervous to comment what if they hate my opinion or what if they think my comment is dumb, I over think everything and take things way to personal. Theres a fellow blogger I have been following for years I would blog then stop blog then stop but would always follow her blogs. The other day I got a pretty nasty comment that tore me into pieces I started crying like a 2 yr old who just dropped there ice cream cone and went on her blog and noticed she has a comment policy and even her blog would get nasty comments... Made me realize that even her blog that i find so amazing gets not so nice comments and I got myself together wiped my tears and realized this is MY blog and I am in control. I do have a delete button and I do have the right to write about whatever I choose. People might not like me and people might not care about what I have to say but, that's ok cause mommyof2lilmunkeys is mine!!

With that being said i have a new goal for myself: I will try daily to try to do something that I would normally never do because of social anxiety. I don't have to be scared cause just like in blogging everyone might not like me but it doesn't matter I wont miss out on life because of other people! So I challenge you do something you normally wouldn't do push your self just a little and see what could happen!

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  1. I love this philosophy!!!! I also love Mrs. Zoot! ;) I always read and occaisionaly I will share with her. I know EXACTLY how you feel! For me starting school was SUPER scary I decided I was not going to think as I would get all upset. I had to realize this was for me and my family and then bam I just started going and not thinking about anything but what was to be done and move on.....there is ALOT to be done and no time to worry about the small stuff, thats what I realized through school. Still realizing it...bigger school, etc. etc. but there is so much to be done in the big picture everyone is so busy I just have to keep truckin! No time to worry though I still do it just alot less... Thanks for this great post. :)