Friday, August 6, 2010

Birthday, decorating, school... the list goes on and on

This week has been busy ever busy! Between trying to take the munkey mermaids swimming everyday I have been in full gear trying to complete Roxy and Bella's bedrooms which i am still working on its harder then it seems to decorate two rooms with two kids who want to follow you around. Tuesday was my Aunt Carolyn's Birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wen. the WHOLE family went to eat dinner at the german resturant off westhimer and it was fun. And thursday I had TONS of errands to run and it seemed to be one thing of bad news after another! Roxy got registered for school today and some how between now and when school starts we need to go shopping for clothes and school supplies! Hopefully I can finish up things and take the munkey mermaids swimming and have a lil friday fun! Roxy is going to Seaworld tomorrow with her favorite cousin! Another eventful weekend ahead! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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