Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Starting over agian...

I am starting over agian. Well actually I am starting over in many things! I am starting over in blogging. I have tried in the past and for one reason or the other stopped and this time I am going to really keep up with it! I am starting over at school after 7 years I am going back to college. I am starting over with life in a sense focusing on me and my two gorgous girls! Normally I hate change but this time everything feels so right and I couldn't be happier!

On to other news we just moved and I have been busier then ever trying to get the girls room together. Roxy is having a paris chic room (think black, white, hot pink and PARIS.) Bella has a hummingbird/floral room (hummingbirds mixed with floral patterns and aqua,pinks,yellow,and lime) As soon as I have there rooms completed the way I want I will upload pics!

I have also desided to challange myself, I made a menu for a whole month of home cooking. I am going to try for a whole month (monday-friday) making dinner at home and no eating out. I am determined to complete my goal. Also i added working out 3 nights a week to my list. I have so much I want to complete before school starts for both me and Roxy. She requested that I make her lunch everyday and I desided I am going to write her little notes in her lunch everyday just so she knows how much I love her!

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