Friday, July 30, 2010

The Circus

Me and Grady (Bella's Daddy) took the girls to the circus two weekends ago. I was so excited it's all I could think about... THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH. Boy, was i wrong. It started off pretty good we went and show the animals before the show and they had a section wear you could try on the circus clothes and see the preformers before the show. We found our seats and sat down still going pretty good. We got two snowcones that cost $18 and tasted yucky (how in the heck can you make a snow cone bad... well they managed) and a $9 lemonaid... still going ok Bella was happily eating on two snow cones drinking lemonaid and all smiles, Roxy patienly waiting for the show to start. Then it happens the lights go dim and my baby whos normally the best baby ever turns into a demon child she was going nuts kicking screaming just not being her... after about 25 minutes and a crazy baby going nuts we desided to leave. Broke poor roxys heart, i felt so bad but Bella just wasnt wanting to have any of the Circus. Lesson learned some 1 year olds might love the circus mine DOESNT at all!! And i wont take Bella back til she is 5 or 6. Roxy loved in but with the tickets costing 32 and up and the prices for food, drinks, light up toys, snowcones etc. I rather spend it on a child who can enjoy and remember it. Oh ya just so you dont have a heart attack like i did $12 cotton candy... ya over priced if you ask me way way way over priced!

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