Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i will be back tomorrow i promise... ok ill try

Miss. Bella woke up this morning with eyes crusted shut!!! So after a Dr's visit we learned she not only has pink eye, double ear infections and a viral infection but, she weighs in at 37 lbs! Roxy and Bella are ten lbs apart! I have been working on a post since Sunday and hopefully I will have it finished tomorrow and be up to normal blogging but, for now I am going to go cuddle with my crusty eyed baby and make her feel better!

As i was about to push publish post my cell rings Roxy's school nurse called to tell me she had a bad nose bleed... so now I am off to go cuddle with my crust eyed baby and my bloody nosed baby "1st Grader" ooooooo what a day!

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  1. Awwwww hope your two babies get to feeling better real soon!!!! :) Not sure if you remember but I would get nose bleeds alot Bad ones when I was little, Steven Richard has already had a few bad ones.