Monday, September 27, 2010

Busy Mommy

Sometimes I wander if I am the only mom that gets in a hurry and does some not so smart things. Sometimes my mind goes a 100 miles a minute and things just are crazy. Takes these examples.

I was in a huge hurry yesterday and I needed to feed the girls fast!! The only thing I could find that they could eat in the car were lil packages of bite sized brownies. Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, what did I do? Yup, you guessed it I fed them brownies. All day I couldn't stop thinking about it, what kind of mom would feed her girls brownies at 630 am? Why didn't I throw some dry cereal in a baggie? After hours of beating myself up over it I realized, hey they ate and it's a memory that Roxy will probably have forever. She told her Maw-Maw that she had to hurry up and leave so she had brownies for breakfast and it was the best ever. Now, will I fed my children brownies everyday? NO! But, I am not going to beat myself up over a lil brownie they ate anymore.

When Roxy was 3 I somehow locked my keys in my car not really sure how I did this but I did it. I was freaking out. The car was on so she had air but, I on the other hand was freaking out anyways. I was crying, all i could think abut is how my little baby was in the car and I couldn't get to hear. She kept yelling and yelling I was assuming she was yelling cause she was alone in the car and I was too busy yelling and crying telling her to be calm to really hear what she was yelling about. Finally I got myself together and went to her window and said "mommy's going to find a way to unlock the doors stay calm I love you" Roxy's response was "MOMMY i've been yelling at you, I already unlocked my door!" My heart dropped and I went to open her door and she was right she had unlocked it already! I learned a couple of lessons that day. My lil baby isn't a lil baby and she can unlock doors and I really need to learn and listen!

About a week or two Roxy decided it was time to teach her lil sister Bella it was time to play hide and seek. I was in the kitchen making dinner and on an important phone call Roxy kept trying to tell me something but I told her fine later I am on the phone without really listening to what she was asking. After my call was finished i went to the living room to ask her what she wanted and they weren't there! I kept yelling for them, no answer! I looked everywhere in every room searching for them! Finally I found them in hall closet! I look at Roxy and ask her what the heck she was thinking? "I told you we were going to hide now and you had to find us while you were on the phone!" I learned never to say fine without knowing the question, atleast it was hide and seek and she didn't ask to get a tattoo :)

When Roxy was about 3 she woke up really early and asked me if she get cereal. I was half asleep  and said sure. She came back about 10 minutes later and asked if she could make me some. Being still half asleep I said sure again. About 20 minutes later I woke up and thought I better go check on her. I get to the kitchen and what do I see? Eggs, sugar and flour all over the floor and Roxy sitting in the middle of it with a spoon. I was shocked! She looked up at me and in the sweetest lil voice ever " Mommy, I am making you a cake cause your the best mommy ever!" After hours of scrubbing I realized then I wish I would have taken a moment to just enjoy it with her. To have taken a picture. I still to this day beat myself up about that day. So another lesson learned it might seem bad at the moment but, years from now it will be a sweet lil memory that sticks out. Take pictures of everything cause, 4 years later they are funny and sweet!

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