Monday, September 13, 2010

why oh why did you fail us?

My poor poor Bellaroo... 6 months ago she had tubes put in her ears. The dr, said the pros out weighed the cons. I did what any normal anxiety ridden mother would do and got 2nd opinions, talked to other moms, looked the surgery up and after all the 2nd opinions, all signs pointed to that it needed to be done. Ever since the tubes have been put in we have still had ear infections... some worse then before the tubes were even out in. THEY FAILED! 12 days ago we went to Bella's pedi. and double ear infections over the weekend i knew something was up she wasn't acting like her self so this morning i took her in to see her dr, and yet again a another ear  infection! So now they are wanting to take them out and redo them! Being as over protective as I am red flags are going up... if they didn't work the 1st time why will they work this time? Bella can only say a handful of words as is what if this is causing her to loose her hearing? Should i put her through another surgery that could fail yet again??? I want answers, I need answers! I just don't know what to do or not to do so, if anyone has dealt with this please let me know!

even sick she's still cute as can be

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  1. This has got to be so hard, and I really hate to hear that it did not work! Talking to your doctor that put them in and maybe even get another doctors opinion is my best advice then I would really take all that and just take it all in and think about it....the main goal here is to get Miss Bella feeling better. Express your concerns with the doctor that did the original surgery, think on it and then decide if you want a second opinion, then take all the info. and GO WIH YOUR OWN INSTINT listen to the motherly instinct and decide what is best Mom always knows best! :) I hope this helped a little bit.