Wednesday, September 22, 2010


After 3 days or organizing and Roxy's dresser finally coming in... ORGANIZATION 2010 is complete... well almost Bella's other dresser still has to get moved from my mom's house but, other then that there rooms and clothes are organized. I got rid of so many toys and clothes is was unreal!! So all that has to be done in both of there rooms is painting the walls and hanging up all pictures and stuff I have for them. Bella's two dressers are going  to get repainted aqua/shabby chic/distressed but, i am not going to do that til fall when its not 100 out side and mosquito's sucking the life out of me every 2 seconds... 

Roxy's walls are going to be painted a pale pink... but the main the ceiling is where its all happening were putting in a white chandelier and painting the ceiling hot pink with pale pink damask print! I have a bench in front of her window I still need to repaint black and reupholster.

Bella's room is getting painted a light shimmer green (think lime green but down 4 stages) and she will have hummingbirds and tulips on her walls. My mom got her this great white picture frame from hobby lobby and soon we are going to to take a family picture so she can have it in her room!

I am really happy that I was able to accomplish all of it, cause there where many many many times I wanted to throw in the towel! School starts in less then 2 weeks and I am so excited about it! Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! I'll be sure to post some pictures of there rooms soon! And don't forget if your looking for someone for your floral needs and/or event planning I am at your service! Oh, and please take my poll on my business name for my event planning. Even though I will be working a floral shop for a while I want to start my business looking to do (fun amazing kid's parties for busy parents so they can relax and share the day with there special "munkey" of theirs but, of course will do any event/party) And feel free if you think of any other names that aren't on my poll to just comment me. Can't wait to hear yall's responses!!!
update: My poll is located on the right side at the top! THANKS for yall's time and input!


  1. Tried to vote...they are all cute. Celebrations! sounds really fun!!