Saturday, September 11, 2010


Dear Huggies diaper company, 
there is no other way to say this then YOU SUCK!! You have failed me you have ruined my day by exploding all over the place. You are banned from my daughter's adorable tush! Thanks so much for making my Saturday suck cause i will be cleaning those nice "absorbent crystals" all day and washing her bedding multiple times! And the most upsetting for this all THEY WERE OVER NIGHT DIAPERS! My money will go back to fisher-price over night diapers and Target for day time use! Amazingly they are cheaper then your sucky diapers; and guess what there absorbent crystals are actually absorbent! 
Miss.Bella's been working on potty training!
*this blog is my opinion that huggies SUCK but please feel free to use any brand of diapers you like! If you like exploding non-absorbent diapers and like cleaning and washing your child's entire room multiple times a day I totally recommend huggies diapers!*

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