Thursday, December 2, 2010

A new years goal starting before the new year

I stole these pics from my wonderful cousins blog... Thanks for taking amazing photos Stephanie.

As a mom I have a flaw, well I am sure I have many but, this is a flaw I am actually admitting to and trying to work on. I never ever ever remember to take my camera with me anywhere! It's horrible! I have hundreds and hundreds of pics and videos saved on my cell phone but, actual really good photos are few and far between. So my new goal starting now is to carry my camera in my purse or Bella's diaper bag and take photo's of our memories big and small! We are almost done decorating our Christmas tree so I will be taking some pics for sure of that with the girls finishing it up. Bella's already broken one so at this rate by Christmas day we should have 25 less ornaments or she could stop touching and pulling them off. I think the 25 less ornaments is going to win!


  1. LOL!!! So cute!! I can not wait to see the tree!! I love these pictures the camera I was using is so tough to take good indoor pics but outside is great!!!! We need to plan a day to do a photo shoot!! Outside!! :)

  2. Oh and check out the one where Miss Bella is sleeping...that is my FAVORITE one!!!!!! SO SWEET!!