Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I dunno if I am proud of myself or ashamed

Roxy has been wanting the dip n dots frozen ice cream maker. To be honest I was almost as excited as she was when I saw this, what's better then having your favorite ice cream treat at home and not having to go to the mall just so you can get your dippin dots fix? I knew it was one her Christmas list of things to get and for some reason every time I went to the store it slipped my mind and they HAD tons of them. Had being past tense. I finally got my bootie into gear and decided to finish up there gifts and I went to toys r us they were sold out, target sold out, walmart sold out even on line it was SOLD OUT! I wan angry at myself for not getting it when I saw it. Until today I ran into walmart to get a couple of items and there it was starring me in the face. A lone dippin dots maker. I started walking faster and faster to get it and this lady just coast by and picks it up... I decided then that I wasn't going to let this go down without a "fight". So I walked by real quick and said "oh is there a  1 800 number on the box I already bought two of these and they don't work and I can't find our box" she looked at me and said oh two wow that's not good telling me her son wanted one but, she wasn't going to get if they had problems and sat it down and walked off... So needless to say I got the dip n dot maker and yes, I know karma is going to come down and Roxy's dip n dots maker won't work...Shame on me or applaud I haven't decided yet :)

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