Monday, December 6, 2010

Say it isn't so!

I got some heart breaking news over the weekend! Roxy informed me Santa is NOT real. There just adults dressing up like him and pretending and elves aren't real either. Parents are just buying the gifts for kids! My heart sank,a tear rolled down my cheek and I had a horrible lump in my throat that prevented me from making a sound.

Now, I know Santa isn't real. But, the magic of believing in him is! I think I am more upset that Roxy is 6 and already finding this out. I was hoping she would like 16 before this moment happened! There is something so special about believing in Santa and his elves working that even as a grown adult with two kids I love to cherish.

Roxy promised that she would keep this secret to her self and not ruin the joy for her sister and lil cousin. But, this just means my "baby" is getting bigger and smarter and that there is one less thing holding her to child hood. One less magic moment. She seemed ok with this which surprised me, when i realized Santa wasn't real I was tears and i also almost ten! She sat there content and wise. Telling me "she knew for some time" (some time being like 2 days in her world) I just hope she keeps the "magic" part of Santa alive in her heart and that her sister waits til she's 16 to realize this whole "mystery"

Oh, and I dunno if I said this in my last blog or not but, I GOT THE JOB! I am sure excited I start the beginning of January!

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  1. oh my goodness! This breaks my heart! I remember when I "heard" the news, and confronted my mom about it. She tried to brush it off, but I kept asking, so she finally gave in! :/ I could tell then that she was upset that I knew. Luckily, my sister and I, like Roxy, were able to keep the magic alive for our little sister! I think that made everything even more special!

    I love the magic of Santa, and plan to keep it alive for Tucker. Unfortunately, my sister is not doing the same for her son, and I'm SO worried that he's just going to ruin it for Tucker early on. so sad! :(