Monday, December 13, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like... I am way to busy

I am feeling WAY under the weather! So if this post doesn't flow or make much sense then let's just blame the fact I can't breath out of my nose, my body aches, and my heads pounding.

This weekend was busy on Saturday my cousin Stephanie and her graduation lunch and it was so good. Bass Pro shop has an amazing restaurant! Then it was off to shopping to finish up the kids Christmas gifts. It seems to be never ending it's like every weekend there's shopping to do! On Sunday I took the kids to a Christmas party. Bella hates Santa but loves gifts! She was so cute she kept running around with her gift and spinning around! I love how sweet Roxy can be with her little sister and how cute they are when Bella sits on Roxy's lap!
I have sooooo much to do the next 12 days every single day I have something planned to do or somewhere to be. This week involves getting Christmas pictures taken, doctor visits, painting, cleaning and decorating. And next week is going to be a hundred times busier. I have to cook, clean, wrap, and put together toys! I did plan my Christmas dinner menu though. I wanted to do something different so this year I am making: Apricot/Pomegranate Glazed Cornish Hens, Creamed Spinach, Roasted Hazelnut Green Beans, Potato Fennel Gratin, Homemade Rolls, Wild Mushroom Soup, Raspberry Chocolate truffle tarts, Mini Key lime Tarts and Mini Cheesecake Tarts. Along with crab cakes, artichoke dip, stuffed mushrooms and tomato mozzarella pesto stacks. So next week I will be busy baking and cooking!

I hope every one has a great week with so much planned I don't know how many post I will be doing but, I will post tomorrow our Christmas tree as promised and this week Bella's room will be finished once I paint the wall so I will post that too! Have a great Monday and I hope no one catches whatever I have it's horrid!

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  1. I can not wait for Christmas Dinner!!!!! Sounds super amazing!!!!! We need to do some Christmas light driving this Sat. too I can not wait!!!! I am hoping to finish Christmas cards and wrapping presents this week... we shall see!!!!