Monday, November 29, 2010

shopping shopping shopping!

Roxy and Mommy Spa Day
 Roxy and me had a mommy and me spa day on Wednesdays. Bella was at day care so me and Roxy had some fun. We did face masks and put cucumber on our eyes, make-up, and painted our nails! We had a blast! I asked Roxy what she was thankful for, she said her mommy, Bella, maw-maw (what she calls my mom) and other family members, and then yelled I am thankful for the Indians and pilgrims cause if they wouldn't have gotten along we might not have make-up and nail polish... I guess that's one way to look at it!

This long weekend has been long! After Thanksgiving I decided it was time to get some serious Christmas shopping done. So Friday morning before the sun even thought of coming out me and my mom where off shopping. I must say some places had some amazing deals other, where big let downs! I didn't think target and walmart's sales were too amazing. JC Penny's had some great door busters, all there boots where 29.99 or less, my mom three great pairs normally over a hundred each for just 25. I was able to knock off must of the girls Christmas gifts, there are just a couple of things I still need to pick up but, nothing big. I still need to hurry up and go get there Christmas pictures done. Seems like time is going faster and my to-do list is getting longer.

Me and my mom took the girls to the Rain Forest Cafe. They loved it! Roxy walked around and looked at everything and had a blast! Bella sat in her high chair and had the time of her life pointing and looking at everything. Def. a must go place if you have kids, or even if you don't!

I have a job interview tomorrow for a floral shop. I am really hoping I get this job. Finger's crossed! The hours are pretty good too. Work three days during the week and on Saturday.

Bella still has not been sleeping thru the night... She knows how to get out of her crib so it looks like its time for a toddler bed but, she doesn't sleep thru so I have a feeling someone will be getting up and playing in the middle of the night.

Roxy wasn't looking forward to school this morning, she wanted to stay home. She kept telling me her stomach hurt... I hope she was just wanting to stay home. Nothing is worse then getting a call from the school nurse when your child is sick and you told them to stop faking.

And normally I post pictures of the girls but, today I am posting pics of myself. Since Roxy's at school and Bella's at day care I am declaring today Mommy Day! So that means after I get off here I need to clean bedrooms, do laundry, put the pot roast in the crock pot and get dressed for work. Wow so much fun on mommy day.


  1. Have a fun day! Love the picture of you and Roxi!

  2. Great pictures!! Love the story of where makeup came from! So cute!! Loving your hair!!!! Good luck on your interview I am sure you will do wonderful!!!!!!