Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sometimes a song can say it all!

its amazing how a lyric in a song can touch you and wrap into your own life. Like the song was meant for you. Lately I have been going through some personal issues. I don't want to dump them all on here just cause, it involves a lot of hurt and I have been down this path before and I know more hurt is to come because, you unfortunately have to hurt to be able to heal. And 2nd because I don't want to hear negative comments.

And, as I said yesterday I am happy about 2011 ( I didn't skip a year this time) I know that it will bring changes. Both good and bad. But, its a fresh start.

So here is the song that sums up my personal issues right now...Enjoy...

"well maybe we aint ment for this love"- rob thomas

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