Friday, November 19, 2010

An ER trip with Bella

Yesterday I got a fighting phone call from Bella's day care. "Bella is throwing up blood" my heart sank I grabbed my car keys. I got to her day care and she was looking really rough. Her eyes where glassy she was crying she had thrown up on all three changes of clothes that she had. I changed her into some clothes from the car that I keep just in case and rushed her to the ER. They whisked her right back. Luckily, it had not been blood she vomited, it was reddish brown fluid that had been draining in her ears. That makes 24 ear infections this year alone since tubes have been put in. They never clear up! One ear gets it the other ear gets it or they both get them together. The pain she has been in is unreal. She's 20 months and can only say mama, dada, hi and lub (love) and that's only when she wants to do it she won't ever do it if you ask her too. She's been through non-stop pain and since daycare has only completed 2 whole weeks without having to have a day off for ear infections. Luckily I met an amazing ENT while we were Memorial Herman SW. She thinks getting the tonsils and adenoids is the best idea. So it looks like while every ones getting ready for Christmas Bella will be having surgery and healing over Christmas vacation. I have heard that the week after this surgery is horrid. Between the pain and the not wanting to drink eat etc. is rough but worth it in the end. I am hoping and praying that this solves the ear issue. I am worried about her hearing and no one should have to be under that much pain all the time. I must say if you ever need to take your little one to the ER that Memorial Herman Kids is amazing. The brought Bella toys, Popsicles and bubbles into her room. They truly made an ER trip run smooth. Bella is now at home and resting. She's on 4 different med's and has an ENT appointment in a couple of days to set a surgery date. Thank you to everyone who has been keeping her in your prayers!

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  1. Awwww. So glad to hear they treated her SO well!!!! Hope Miss Bella gets to feeling all better soon and she can get into this new ENT ASAP!!!!!!