Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Im Back!

Well... well... well.... look who it is... ME! I know I have been MIA for a while. I wish I could say I was off in the rain forest saving trees, or in Europe visiting Paris, saving baby elephants in Africa, or off in new york. Sigh... I was doing none of those things, not even close. Lets see the last month and a half I had a craptastic (yes, craptastic it's a blend so crappy its unbelievably fantastic... don't judge 26th Birthday, Bella has been sick off and on, more on then off :(, I went to my first parent teacher conference and cried (more on that in a bit), went trick or treating with the cutest bumble bee and butterfly I've ever seen, went to school for floral design, started working part time,planning my amazing girls birthday that are a whole 5 and 7 months away, being a mom the most gorgeous 2 girls i know and dealing with some hard stuff in my personal life.

On my craptastic Birthday, Grady and I went out to dinner and I bit into my burger to crunch down on a piece of metal and I cracked my tooth. Needless to stay my tooth has been killing me and I won't be eating burgers any time soon. Grady did manage to turn things around with my birthday gift. He got me Versace Bright Crystal perfume and a versace makeup bag.

Bella has been fighting yet another viral infection and double ear infections. I am still torn over the tube issue, she got the tubes put in back in march and has been fighting ear infections since. The last two weeks have been unbearable she wakes up every hour to two hours in pain screaming, the doctors are no help at this point, even the ENT (ear, nose and throat dr) has been little help. I need sleep, Bella needs sleep and out of pain. I am hoping this new dr. I found will have answers that we need!

I had my 1st parent/teacher conference for Roxy. I am so proud of my 1st grader! After the conference I had to run to the bathroom I started crying. I couldn't believe that my little 6 lb 3 oz baby who came into this world was in 1st grade and growing up! I am so proud to be able to say she's my daughter!

Bella was a bumble bee and Roxy was a Butterfly and they were both gorgeous! Bella found a new love... lollipops! Roxy was more then pleased with her loot! Can't wait til next year!

I settled on the themes for Bella and Roxy's birthdays. People think I am nuts that I plan so early but, I must say planning early has saved me many headaches and has helped me find some amazing deals! Bella's 2nd Birthday Party is going to be Candy land theme I walked into target and was in heaven I found amazing deals for candy themed decor in the Christmas section and there in the perfect colors pink, green, aqua and purple! Found candy land board games for a dollar at toys r us for goodie bag favors!! Roxy is having a movie star themed birthday and I found popcorn buckets in the dollar section at target and movie star sunglasses for a dollar too. I love targets dollar section I think i spend more money there sometimes then I do in the actual store lol!

I must say this year has been going by super fast and I am glad it is coming to a close. I am looking forward to 2011! A new year, a new start... it feels refreshing! So until the end of December I will be listing my goals for next year every Friday. I have a long list of things I want to accomplish and 2011 is my year to do it! :) What goals and/or changes to you have for the new year?


  1. 2011 is coming up!!!!! Hope Miss Bella gets to feeling better soon, I have a cough I can not seem to get rid of!!!! Had it since Germany! They truly grow up so fast! Target ahhhh $1 section was there just yesterday!!!! :) I am ready for lunch!!!

  2. hahahha.. i corrected it. Lack of sleep has me all messed up :)