Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a sneek peek and few tips

I know I have been blogging few and far between but, I have busy! Busy doing things for Bella's Birthday party(and working my new job)... her theme is candy land.

Her is her demo invite* I made little changes to the actual invite such as I used ribbon and different font:
It's hard to read on purpose so you can't read the address but, the invites say: We think it would be just grand, if you helped us celebrate bella's 2nd birthday in candyland!

and the giant cotton candy i made... I got "snow blankets" (the white fluff they sell at Christmas to pout under your tree or Christmas villages) and turned it into cotton candy. I got the snow blanket for 90% off after Christmas!

I am going all out for both girls birthdays this year because, I am hoping this will be the start to my party planning business that will specialize in children's birthday party's. From invites to cakes and even cleaning up after the party. It will be a complete package. I am very excited about this!

And the very best part about planning a party in advance is... DEALS!  Knowing your theme in advance means your always on the look out and can find amazing deals!! The snow blanket for 90% off. I found candy land board games for ONE DOLLAR!!! I found candy shaped lip gloss for .10 cents, Candy shaped silly bands for a dollar a package! In the target dollar isles I found lime green and hot pink metal buckets that match the candy land theme and only cost $2.50! I also found tons of candy ornaments at target that are candys, lollipops, gum drops etc. that will also be used next year for a kids themed Christmas tree so it has double use!

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