Friday, January 7, 2011

a big girl bed...

Bella my lil "munkey" was getting out of her crib. Before Christmas we bought her a toddler bed but, I couldn't bare to put it together. She climbed out of her crib the other night and decided it was time to let the crib go. The whole time I was putting it together I had tears. Bella is my last baby this was the last morning I would ever be able to get my baby out of her crib. I put it together and went and got her from daycare and I video taped her going into her room to see it. She LOVES IT! I am happy for her and I know she is getting bigger but, that makes me sad. I can remember bringing this 6 lb baby home from the hospital. She was so tiny in her car seat and now, its getting harder and harder to buckle Miss. Chunkers in her car seat. I am happy for her, I am so proud she's becoming such an amazing lil girl. Also, I am sad for me she is no longer my baby in two months she will be two she's a crazy, funny, lovable, happy toddler and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Here's the video, I apologize in advance for my voice sounding so crazy lol! And just pretend the Dyson isnt the 1st thing you see!
Bella sleeping in her bed!

Her toddler bed

                 I officially did finish her room so tomorrow's post will be a tour of Bella's new room!

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  1. That was SO cute!!!!!! I can not wait to see the room too! I REALLY need to get inspired to do little mans room too! I think I need to make myself do one thing in there this weekend! Just one! LOL! :) I did not get home till 5 yesterday so we should plan lunch Mon.!