Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good-bye Mullet, Hello Miss. Adorable!

There once was a little girl with a mullet. It was all business in the front and party in the back for the wee tot. Her mommy hated her mullet. Her daddy loved her mullet. Her mommy took her to snip-it's and the mullet went bye-bye! Her daddy was sad. Her mommy was glad. But, they did agree they had one adorable little girl!

I must say snip-it's is well worth the cost. They have fun smelling shampoos, gave Bella a dum-dum lollipop as soon as she sat down, had an endless supply of animal crackers, had tons of toys for her to play with while we waited for her hair cut. Played her a movie while she got her hair cut (they offer video games for older kids) I have never seen her sit still and behave so well, I was so proud of her and the hair stylist there are pro's with kids! And at the end you take a lock of your hair and put it in the big prize machine and it gives you a prize!

When Roxy was little I never wanted to cut her hair she had such cute little curls. I learned my lesson the hard way! Her hair to this day at 6 still doesn't lay right and its cause I never cut her hair at a young age. Bella's dad was against me cutting it from the start! He loved her little mullet and I hated it! I want her to have long locks just like Rox (ha I rhymed) But, I want it to lay right. Also the stylist told me the more cuts you get lil girls in the beginning will help thicken up there hair, so that's good news cause, Bella's hair is very fine. So, it is a little short right now but, still enough to where I can give her the signature whale spot hair do ( high pony tail on top of her head) and lil piggy tails. And, I know I promised to show Bella's room but, the chandelier still isn't up so bare with me and as soon as I can find a ladder or a giant I will have a post for her and Roxy's room!


  1. How cute! That's exactly where I am taking Katelynn to get her first haircut. I heard it was super cute! Wish they had something like that for us. Ha!